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Ok, everything actually looked pretty good. Except shouldn't this be a promo for next week when NYE is? Philip and Stephanie looked pretty hot, but why is Melanie staring at them when they're kissing? She is ALWAYS hanging around trying to make problems for Philip and Stephanie. She needs to find a man who actually knows she's alive instead of a guy who would rather stick his hand in a garbage disposal than sleep with her. Take the clue, Melanie! Nicole saying "Yes" to E.J.'s proposal was a total and complete shock!(sarcasm, of course)Congratulations,Nicole. You have now offically sunk to being lower than low for agreeing to marry a man who you are lying to about still carrying his child. And Congratulations,E.J.,for now being the stupidest man alive on Daytime for not knowing that Nicole is lying about said child. And the worst part is that E.J. probably won't find out about the baby for months to come, leaving us to watch this storyline go on and one for endless weeks to come. Let Nicole get caught and be left with no E.J. and no happyness. She does not deserve either if she thinks she can get away with hiding a miscarriage. Sorry for rant!
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