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Dec 22 2008, 02:05 AM
I don't feel the character of John had become a joke at all. And though Marlena may have had two other pairings, she has been in love with John and he with her since she thought he was Roman, if we go by how old Sami is, that would be over 30 years in Salem. And if John and Marlena have been there done that, what about Bo & Hope....is it time for them to break up and find new loves? I don't really care if they do or not, that's not something I think about. I'm more interested in a good story.

I think Marlena/John with Stefano as the conflict could have driven story for at least a few more years. There are other couples on the show for fans who don't like J&M and there are the new characters for those that like multiple hook ups. I think there is or was a place for all of them. But I guess it is a mute point. John and Marlena will be gone soon. One less super couple to worry about.
Same here. I really loved new John early this year, and I thought it was a very interesting change. I enjoyed it up through the plane crash, and even after. From what I read, it seemed like many enjoyed the change. The story just never went anywhere due to lack of clear direction from the writers (or whoever). Now that they've fired John and Marlena, it has nothing to do with the god-awful writing we've seen. It's just that John is a used up character and no one can write for them as a couple?

The writers haven't written Marlena well with John, so the problem is that John and Marlena are a couple, NOT that the writers haven't tried to write stories for Marlena as a psychiatrist or her own person? Why does it make a difference if John is alive or not for the writers to write for Marlena as a professional? I just don't get that reasoning. All they need to do is actually show her doing her job and getting involved in other characters lives.

I can understand not everyone wanted another pawn story, but I think for many, the problem wasn't this pawn story. It was that this pawn story was thoroughly mucked up by the writers and all the backstage drama that took place because the writers were writing so horribly. If the writing wasn't bad all around, then I could see saying it's just J&M, but the writing for everyone, except maybe Nicole, was off for everyone all year.

I can handle John and Marlena being written out. I just hate that they are getting blamed for some of the worst writing I've ever seen.
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