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^I get what your saying in this thread and the Sandra thread, Kyrai,(basically, this post is a response to your comments here and in this thread so I can save on typing LOL) but here is the problem.

Days has alot of division amongst fans. You have fans of different types of storytelling (campy, character-driven, plot-driven, etc.) and then you have fans with different likes and dislikes in terms of who they want to watch and what stories they like. Now, let's say the show opts to go with the majority of couple fans who want romance and romantic adventures. Then you anger people that want other stories and find those stories boring. Let's say they go with the whole "watch the couple fall in love all over again) story (like J&M was set up to be). Well, J&M fans and fans of romance may eat that up but others may not because they know the outcome. There is no suspense in that.

Now, let's say the show decides to go with more individual character-centered stories, some of which you suggested. Marlena's profession, John's career, etc. Well, you have some out that find social issue stories, business stories, etc boring. Then you have some couple fans who will complain their couple doesn't have enough romance coming their way so there are still angry fans. Happily married couples are very hard to write for because people do find them boring, at least outside of fans of that couple.

My point is your angering someone no matter which way you go in regards to the vets and storytelling. That is why I think the show feels it has to do what it's doing. They've done that before in the 80's and 90's. They felt they needed to inject new life into the show and now they have to again. I don't think they wouldn't gotten rid of J&M if not for the 40% cut but I do think we would've seen this same sort of transition. The show can't go with the same stories involving the same people forever, especially when you have an audience full of division and of people who want different things. The show is following a pattern it has followed before and I will never understand why it took them this long to go with it. It should've been done sooner but it's needed. Fans will be lost but it's the risk you have to take IMO. They lost fans before and banked on new fans and it worked. Doesn't mean it will this time but what do they have to lose? At the very least, they will have characters being prominently featured that people can watch in stories that have suspense to them, unless you don't care about the characters and then, well, you don't care LOL.

I see what your saying and I'm with you on alot of that but alot factors into this and sometimes you have to do something you don't necessarily want to do for the better of the show in the long run, even if it alienates alot of fans.
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