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^I understand what your saying, Kyrai. I don't necessarily disagree.

All I'm saying is no one is saying all the vets should go. We are suggesting that it's time to stop relying on them like this is still the 80's or 90's. It's time to move on. Let them play supporting roles and maybe get a lead story here or there. It's what happened to the vets in the 90's and even some in the 90's. They were moved aside and it some point that has to happen. You can't play the same characters over and over again in the same types of stories. They don't have to fire all vets but I'm not against getting rid of say one couple (like they are J&M) and keeping some to be supporting players or to lead once in awhile. That is all I'm saying. they all had their time for over 20 years. I feel it's just time to move on. If it doesn't work, at least they can say they tried but I do think they have to try it. They've done it and done it successfully before.

And, again, no one is blaming J&M for poor storytelling. There are a number of reasons for what has happened to them. The writing, the acting, the execution, Corday, SOME fans (again, no one here so not accusing anyone), etc. It's a shame what has happened but I think giving them a rest and maybe bringing them back down the road if there is a story and the show feels it necessary could reinvigorate them in a way as well.
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