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Dec 22 2008, 05:00 PM
Dec 21 2008, 11:45 PM
It seems to me what fans want for their "supercouples," are only stories where it is 100% guaranteed that they are completely in love and will end up together in the end. I could enjoy stories where the established couples stay together, but I'm tired of the same hackneyed story of the super villian coming between the couple; the couple going on some adventure together, or the couple having to pretend they are broken up in order to get the goods on the villian. If that's the only story that can be told, we have a problem. As a 12 year old, I really loved supercouples and all of their adventures. As a 33 year old, I want some legitimate conflict. As much as people hate the insta-couplings going on right now, I hate just as much the supposed "soulmate connections," of these couples. And because of that connection, Marlena would only do THIS, Kayla would only do THAT! It's enough to make me :puke:

There can never be any growth with these characters because their personality is based on how much they love their partner. If they deviate in anyway from that, the couple is being destroyed. I don't see how any real story can develop then.
I agree to disagree as well.

I find the never ending partner swapping and triangles that the show has become much more boring and trivial than other stories. I dont' need a 'breakup' and put back together period, that just appears to be all these writers know (and imo, they don't do it well).

I enjoy seeing a couple work together. It just doesn't have to be a break up story for me period. I like diversity. I can watch the younger couples find their soulmate, and enjoy the vets enjoying their love while doing other things, like Marlena following her cases, John as an executive at Basic Black, helping out a family member in trouble, helping out a young couple in love. I would have liked to have seen John and Marlena following up on Brady's drug addiction story, someone from Steve's missing years showing up, Doug and Julie missing and Bo and Hope going to find them with family helping. Shawn and Belle working and having business issues, needing some family support. Any number of things that could be good stories or even just wonderful framework for stories. I loved Ej and Sami living at the Dimera mansion this year. The interaction between John, Marlena, Ej, Sami, later Stefano, Tony, Anna was very enjoyable. I loved Claire's relationship with John. These relationships by themselves have meaning to me, far more enjoyable than random elevator sex scenes.

People like different things. I enjoy romance, but couples just switching partners is not romance to me, and I like a change of pace as well. I wouldn't even classify most of the current 'stories' as a Harlequin romance, but if I did, why does every story have to be a Harlequin romance? I don't read the same type of books over and over. I switch things up to keep it interesting. I like mysteries, sci fi, and action/adventure. In addition to young couples falling in love, is it so bad to have happily married couples in a different type of story? It's not about the characters being a couple. It's about the individual having lives in general with close family and friends.
Ultimately, I don't have a problem with a couple like John and Marlena staying together for the long haul. I would love to see Marlena working with patients, or John as a business executive. I just have trouble with a couple nearing their 60's in action adventure stories and talking about their "soulmate connection." I find nothing interesting in seeing a man presumed dead again, brainwashed again, and then acting like a zombie who needs to be saved by Marlena and her "love." We all like different things, that is what makes the world go around. As a viewer though, it's just hard for me to take John and Marlena seriously anymore because all of the awful stories written for them. I loved Drake as Roman back in the day, and Deidre Hall is Deidre Hall :) It's just a shame it has gotten to a point where their characters have been made into a joke and written so out of character.
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