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Dec 22 2008, 08:14 PM
Ultimately, I don't have a problem with a couple like John and Marlena staying together for the long haul. I would love to see Marlena working with patients, or John as a business executive. I just have trouble with a couple nearing their 60's in action adventure stories and talking about their "soulmate connection." I find nothing interesting in seeing a man presumed dead again, brainwashed again, and then acting like a zombie who needs to be saved by Marlena and her "love." We all like different things, that is what makes the world go around. As a viewer though, it's just hard for me to take John and Marlena seriously anymore because all of the awful stories written for them. I loved Drake as Roman back in the day, and Deidre Hall is Deidre Hall :) It's just a shame it has gotten to a point where their characters have been made into a joke and written so out of character.
I do agree the writing is awful. However, I did enjoy new John, as I've always loved changes to him, and I do think their story this year should have been great. I always loved John's backstory with Stefano, but I also like the idea of regular stories too. Much as I love John, I still hate that he isn't really Roman. I guess that's my problem. I've always handled most anything they've done to him except get rid of him, and now him and Marlena.

Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad you don't ultimately have it in for all of us old fogeys. :) I don't agree that they are a joke, but I do agree the writers this year made most every story a bad joke, including theirs.
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