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Dec 23 2008, 07:05 PM
I'm afraid it will be E or Charlotte is gonna order him to marry Marlena, but I'd like a nice small ceremony with their friends. I care more about John restoring his relationship with Marlena and their friends, and J&M having nice moments with their friends before they leave more than a wedding.
Ohhh, maybe she holds them at gunpoint or something. I could totally see that! (And I'm not hopeful at all for any kind of nice, sweet ceremony, whether small or big.)

I know I keep asking for trouble hoping, but I still want a nice send-off with Bo, Hope, Abe, Caroline, Vic, Brady, etc. I'd hate them leaving without any resolution. Those relationships meant alot to me over the years. Caroline used to be like a mother to J&M.
Well, Caroline's not my favorite at all, but I know what you mean. I am not hopeful for any of this, though. I wonder if any loose ends will be tied up at all.

I'm a total moron. I'm already missing them. I've been seeing so many scenes from this year, lately. Despite the story getting hosed, there were some good moments. Marlena and John were wonderful early in the year, and John had a lot of good one-liners all year. I know I'm better off, but I'm gonna miss that humor, miss wanting to see them together.
Uh, I beg to differ about the moron thing. But I'm already missing them so much too. And sadly, I don't expect their last days on the show to give us any of the closure that you're so beautifully describing we need.
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