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Dec 23 2008, 07:42 PM
Honestly, people. Do you really think Days will be that bad about it?

Just because Sandra said that Charlotte is the catalyst does not mean she will play a role in the wedding at all. She may bring it about but I would think J&M fans would let their happiness over a wedding override Charlotte's involvement.

I will give you they aren't getting the exit they deserve and that it being about Charlotte at the moment is dumb but, in all honesty, if you think Days is going to do this offscreen or make the ceremony about someone other then J&M, then this is a pointless argument I can't win. Corday knows J&M have a fanbase and while I'm sure this will be rushed, I'm pretty sure the ceremony will be at least halfway decent and about them and no one else. Before and after the ceremony is anyone's guess and I'm sure it will not be offscreen. I can understand being pessimistic given everything but I can't see how it can't believed you will at least get what I'm describing. Even if Corday wanted to shit all over J&M, he would still want to put out a halfway decent ceremony so he can promote it in hopes of more ratings (doubt it will make a different but still) and in hopes of maybe keeping some J&M fans, although that is doubtful.
You know, I really don't. I really want some nice moments.

It just seems like every time I've typed that in the past, almost the next second something bad happens. So many times I thought the story was going somewhere, and it did a 360. I was so excited to see Brady back, then wham, J&M are fired. I liked Charlotte and was hoping for some good J&M at the end, and we haven't seen much of them, and from SF's interview it sounds like they made it more her story. Marlena invited John to spend Christmas with her, and he had to ask Charlotte's permission.

I just feel silly hoping. But yes, I still hope. Yes, I want good family/friend scenes. Do I think they might make it more about Charlotte? Yes, I do, but that won't bother me if I get good J&M. I'd like better, but I'm better off if I try to curb my hopes.

I'm paranoid. (but yes, deep down I'm hoping like crazy).
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