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Dec 23 2008, 08:23 PM
You know, I really don't. I really want some nice moments.

It just seems like every time I've typed that in the past, almost the next second something bad happens. So many times I thought the story was going somewhere, and it did a 360. I was so excited to see Brady back, then wham, J&M are fired. I liked Charlotte and was hoping for some good J&M at the end, and we haven't seen much of them, and from SF's interview it sounds like they made it more her story. Marlena invited John to spend Christmas with her, and he had to ask Charlotte's permission.

I just feel silly hoping. But yes, I still hope. Yes, I want good family/friend scenes. Do I think they might make it more about Charlotte? Yes, I do, but that won't bother me if I get good J&M. I'd like better, but I'm better off if I try to curb my hopes.

I'm paranoid. (but yes, deep down I'm hoping like crazy).
I'm with you Kyrai, lol. I used to hope and since nothing good has come of hoping, and as you say, seems to do a 360 when given just the smallest hint that things might be turning around for the better, I just can't do it anymore. Obviously, I do 'hope' for a word or a look that will make me happy, otherwise I wouldn't still be here, but more then a few good sentences? That would be the biggest surprise Days could ever give me. So, in order to not be as disappointed as I could be, I try and be realistic and sad to say, Days never disappoints me that way.
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