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Dec 24 2008, 02:48 AM
Dec 24 2008, 02:35 AM
Dec 23 2008, 08:07 PM
Tim, to reply to what you said a few posts up: For one thing, you said in your post that J&M leave town to get away from it all, while Sandra Robinson said that J&M leave town because of her. Those two things seem to contradict each other, which is part of what I was pointing out in my post.
She said she facilitates her exit. She didn't say they leave town because of her. I think she meant she was the catalyst to the story.
She said Charlotte "goes through one of these [bad] periods in order to let these two characters leave."

Now that I have time to get into this, lol, my issue with what you're saying about Corday is that you've posted many times that Corday interferes with the writing. I have no doubt he does, though perhaps you and I would disagree on the extent of his 'interference'. But at any rate, if, as you're saying, Corday wants to appease the J&M fanbase, then would he not have interfered once on our behalf in the past, oh, four and a half years?? Since Marlena died on the prison rooftop in May 04, J&M have been destroyed over and over on screen. So I guess my question is, why would I think Corday would want to do something nice for J&M fans now? The past few years have been nothing but lip service from him, and I'm not sure why this time (after he's fired J&M!) would be any different.
Because they are leaving (at least for some period of time) and he wants to try to convince fans to stay. He always does that. J&J got a nice sendoff. Shelle did. Austin/Carrie did. Their fans all got tossed little bones in some form. The exit stories were rushed and shoddy at best but there was always one event (wedding, moment, etc) that was well-done and done in such a way to extend an olive branch to fans. It's his way of trying to get them to hold on and to hope. It's stupid and never works IMO but it's his mindset and I've seen it too many times LOL.
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