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Dec 24 2008, 03:02 AM
^^ Ok, I get that. So, two things: First, I think Corday might think he's fulfilled the 'olive branch' idea with his little comment about resting J&M. But if not, then as to your examples, I don't think Shelle got a proper sendoff in the SLIGHTEST, and guess who was the head writer then? So, it's entirely plausible to me that even if Corday does have good intentions (which I still doubt), Higley will handle J&M similar to how she handled Shelle, which is to say, terribly. In other words: in my mind, either Corday won't want to do a thing for J&M fans, OR, he will ask Higley to write in a nice sweet little scene or two, something I think she's completely incapable of doing.
Actually, Shelle's actual last few days sucked but they still got a nice, intimate "wedding" in the park. That is more or less what I was referring too and at least we saw alot of them, unlike J&M this far LOL. They also still got to say goodbye to everyone they should've. It was rushed and shoddy but it was something.

Also, Higley wasn't exactly HW. I think we all know she wrote during the strike but she did most of that through her husband and Victor G (who I actually liked LOL) so it wasn't exactly her. I think she just guided story and through out what was to be done and the guys filled it all in so I wouldn't blame Higley for the exit completely. Actually, personally, I don't at all since it was all Corday's idea to fire them in the first place.

Regardless, J&M are bigger and I think they will get a better treatment as far as the ceremony. The rest, who knows?
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