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Dec 23 2008, 08:34 PM
Max and Chelsea dating is no different than Max with Steph! That is why, I actually enjoyed Max with Morgan. It was his first non-incestous relationship!
Honestly, I agree. Even though I know both of his matches weren't blood incest, it was dumb enough family-wise to just make it icky for me. Although, i didn't like him with Abby because she was getting too whiny. I sort of liked him with Mimi in a cute way, but the problem with that was (besides my missing Farah with Jason Cook) that Max had JUST come away from being with the "younger" crowd. Even though he was probably more of Mimi's age, he seemed younger. I think if FF had stayed, they would have grown on me. There were a lot of cute moments, like the whole getting locked in the cellar of that chapel. I couldn't root for Abby because she acted so bratty about the whole thing.
I really did like him with Morgan and thought it was wrong that they didn't pursue this further. It just seems that the chemistry thing with the writers or producers is like Cinderella's stepsisters with the glass slipper. If it doesn't fit, by George, we'll MAKE it fit!
Someone big didn't want Shimi: Shimi didn't stick. Someone big didn't want Jate: Jate didn't stick. Someone big didn't want Max with anyone besides a relative: Max gets stuck with relatives (even Mimi was a relative in a round-about way). Someone big didn't want to break up Shelle: nuPhelle wasn't explored more. Instead of taking new discoveries that seem to click with many viewers (yes, i know we don't all agree) and running with it, they insist on certain couples. On paper, they might sound good, but in reality (either with actor chemistry or with the logistics of the backgrounds), they don't, for most people.
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