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Please link to DR.

Ken Corday previews 2009 for SOD in this week's issue:

Corday tells us, "There's a lot of lying and manipulation in the name of love. Who will find out and when? That's the big question in 2009."

Sami/Rafe/EJ/Nicole/Brady: Corday explains that this is the 'A' story (as he puts it) on the show. He says Sami has a baby, Nicole needs one, and "Sami and Nicole both welcome baby girls." Since EJ is focused on building the DiMera empire, EJ is distracted from seeing what's really going on. Also, Ali Sweeney has done "onerous pretapes" so that she'll be on the air "for most of her leave". Dr. Baker "knows way too much", so we'll still be seeing him. Rafe risks everything to save Sami. Brady has information about Nicole that no one else has. As the year progresses, we'll see if Brady loves Nicole, and we'll see if Brady is better for Nicole than EJ. EJ doesn't like Brady, so there will be animosity, and it "may turn into a real good triangle."

John/Marlena: "Charlotte ain't what she seems and that mystery will be solved in short order. John and Marlena will leave happily and united with a certain amount of setback. He remembers who he is. They get married and take off."

Bo/Hope: They have to deal with "trust issues" because of his "flashes". This story will include Steve and Kayla, and "Kayla's life will hang in the balance" because of these "visions" and whether or not Bo trusts them.

Philip/Stephanie/Melanie: Philip "becomes more of a Kiriakis" and has to juggle these two women. He has a thirst for power and he's "working both of these two girls". But, he loves Stephanie. Corday then says he is happy JKJ re-signed because "he's important to the future of the show."

Daniel/Chloe/Lucas: Chloe and Lucas's wedding is planned for Valentine's day, but Maggie discovers Chloe and Daniel, so "things come to a head in February."

Max/Chelsea: "I love this duo" says Corday, and they'll be "in a happy little bubble for a while."

Abe/Lexie/Theo: Abe and Lexie "bond" and Theo makes progress.

Kate: Kate is in remission, but she will have to make the hard choice as to whether to tell Daniel she loves him.
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