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Stephanie has an unexpected New Year's Eve this week when she and Philip share a passionate kiss, even though Melanie attempts to ruin their night.

"Stephanie's ready to be in love again," says Shelley Hennig (Stephanie). Steph wants to experience something with a new guy.

As she prepares for something different with Philip, some unsettling information comes her way. "Chloe tells Stephanie that Philip is a little unstable as far as women go," explains Hennig. Chloe tells Steph that Philip might be her rebound and she may be his. Steph begins to feel a bit insecure and intends to proceed with a bit of caution.

Philip asks Stephanie to ring in the New Year with him at Chez Rouge and "Stephanie takes a second to remember what Chloe said to her." But Steph's attitude is 'I don't care,' because she knows she'll have fun with Philip.

Their New Years celebration has a few hitches. "All of a sudden Max shows up with Chelsea. That catches Stephanie completely off guard, because she and Max have a past, and here she is with Philip," Hennig points out. Although Steph looks at Max a bit wistfully be decides she is there to have a good time with Philip.

Jealous Melanie has different intentions as she arranges for a patron to spill a drink on Stephanie, so she can get Philip alone to herself. "Stephanie is pissed!" says Hennig, because she thinks it looks like Melanie is kissing Philip. Stephanie asks 'Did I miss something?' and Philip says 'Yea, what you missed is this.' And he pulls Steph into a passionate kiss.

As Philip and Melanie continue on with their evening, Melanie skulks off. She later takes a stroll along the pier. But Stephanie is still thinking about the kiss she thought she saw between Philip and Melanie. "Yes, Philip is sweeping her off her feet, but she can't continue with this if he's going to be that way -- a womanizer." Philip tells her that he and Melanie didn't kiss, that Melanie was just whispering in his ear.

Steph wonders if Philip was trying to prove a point in kissing Melanie. He admits that was one of the reasons, but there is another reason - he really likes Stephanie. Philip then plants another passionate kiss on Steph. "Stephanie is really falling for Philip," admits Hennig. "It's kind of cruel that he's her boss. That does add a little excitement to things, and he's this older, successful guy. She intrigued by him. She's beginning to feel she is getting a real sense of Philp and not just that Kiriakis suaveness. She thinks she may be tapping into his heart a little."

As for Melanie's continued attempts to sabotage their relationship, "Clearly, Philip always come back to Stephanie," Hennig says. Adding Melanie's schemes "Are childish and pointless. Nothing has worked out yet." Famous last words?

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