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Dec 24 2008, 11:33 AM
Dec 24 2008, 11:24 AM
And I still consider myself an Ali fan, lol.
lol I was wondering about that after I saw your thread on SC.

I just wish TPTB would let the character breathe once in a while. These pre-taped scenes aren't even necessary to advance the plot since Sami will presumably still be pregnant and holed up in the WPP.
Well I'm not an Ali fan but in either case, I COMPLETELY agree about the pre-tapes. The story is going in circles already - what more could happen? I'm not sure why 'TPTB' think the viewers will suffer for a few weeks without Ali Sweeney. They should have just taped her delivering the baby, and then had her go offscreen for a few weeks to recover or whatever. Maybe there is a special 'safe house hospital' somewhere, lol.
I agree. For one, they started the WP arc way too early. It went around in circles during sweeps and finally caught on to the story in December, after many people grew to hate the Sami/Rafe aspect.

They should just rest her. All they have to do is have the killer come after her. She is no longer safe at the safehouse so she gets moved elsewhere with another guard. Meanwhile, Rafe moves on to Salem to investigate the Dimera's and catch the killer. There you go. It all makes sense. Why the show NEEDS to have Ali all the time is beyond me. Give it a rest. Ugh.
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