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Dec 24 2008, 11:44 AM
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First off, people know I like to be optimistic so I'm trying not to go nuts on this...yet. These are quite vague, especially for the SOD ones, but I'm guessing they had to be paraphrased since you can't post the article word for word on the boards anymore. If that isn't the case, Corday is probably holding back due to whoever has to get cut and such and I like that.
Tim, I'm glad you brought this up because I wanted to put a note in to this effect. I paraphrased these only by rearranging the words and replacing words with others here and there. (As you said, it is necessary because of copyright issues.) But the length of these is almost exactly equal to the length in the magazine. In other words, I did the summary sentence by sentence. They are vague because of Corday, not because they are summarized.
Thanks for that. Ellie. I knew you had to change it so I had to ask to see what the actual previews were like.

I think alot of it is just Corday because he sucks at doing these but also alot of it is the cuts. He doesn't want to put his foot in his mouth by previewing something that gets scrapped when someone is cut. I can understand that he is being reserved due to instability but that makes for some lackluster previews LOL.
You're welcome. The 'vagueness' of these actually made me think that perhaps there's some instability backstage or something, whether regarding actors or writing. Agree though about the cuts, I'm sure that was a factor.
Definitely. The SOD ones are always more detailed then this and usually more comprehensive. Sometimes they will still be nothing but summary and such but they are never like this. The first story is really the only story that got any detail but it wasn't even detail as much as summary and that story with Sami/Rafe/Nicole/EJ/Brady is the one story that has had comsistent direction and the one story that seemingly won't be affected by any cuts. Thus, Corday focused on that a bit more.

You can tell the show held back considerably on these and I'm glad they did if they aren't sure who is going yet for sure.
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