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Dec 24 2008, 10:11 AM
Dec 24 2008, 08:44 AM
I remember the Thanksgiving wedding, but I sure don't remember this intimate park scene. I was just mad Martha was leaving, cause i was rooting for Phelle! :D
I liked her with Phillip too.

I didn't care for Shelle's exit at all. Belle was always so close to John and Marlena, and she just left when her dad needed her? Everything seemed rushed and phony. It didn't make sense that it was too painful for her to see her dad like he was. He could've been dead vs different. I hated Claire leaving. It felt like they left a glaring hole in the way they exited. With the whole John/Phillip dock wars that never went anywhere, how interesting would it have been to have Belle in the middle between her father and Phillip? I see 2008 as the year of missed opportunity after missed opportunity.

The only positives for the year I see for this year were:

Ari is a good actress and fun to watch. However, it makes me sad that the baby story just doesn't sit well with me (Not saying it can't, just that I don't feel that it's going anywhere yet).

Marlena was enjoyable as a strong person early. However, she changed to being indecisive and wishy washy due to awful writing.

It was refreshing and fun to have John with a new personality and a story where we want to recover the personality Stefano stole. However, the story just kept changing, never seemed to have any direction after the early months. He's still been fun and one of the high points of the year for me along with Nicole, but he's leaving.

Victor may possibly be used well again or at least pass on his wonderful villainous genes to Phillip (maybe Brady, but I see Phillip as more like Vic, Brady as more like John). I'm hopeful, or I'd be hopeful if I were staying. I'd so like Melanie to think she's manipulating Vic and have him turn the tables on her, get Nick's invention, and kick her to the curb. I love shrewd businessman Vic.

Stefano is back. Misused some during the year, but overall I love Stefano. Stefano and Victor are my favorite villains.

Oddly, when Melanie is low key, I enjoy her as an annoying interloper that I love to hate. If only Phillip and Stephanie would underplay things at work and save the low cut outfits and oggling for dates or business functions/parties where it is more appropriate to be exposed. It makes Phillip seem unprofessional, more interested in dating his employees than business. Probably just a me thing, but I'd like to see them as competent business professionals who grow to appreciate each other for more than just hotness. I like hotness, but when you always have your boobs hanging out, it kinda ruins the effect for those times you want it to be a special moment. (This goes for other characters as well).

I won't list the negatives because there are too many.

I prefer being optimistic and happily anticipating story twists, but it's just hard to anymore. I like unexpected twists and turns, but it has to feel like it was planned vs the writers thought for the day. I feel like the writers don't know what to do with the stories and are stalling for time. I always seem to think stories have potential that never seems to pan out. It's just hard to have that level of trust that they really do have a goal somewhere down the road.

About the low-cut dresses....I think that might be a TV thing. I know that on One Life (yeah, I refer back to that a lot!), Natalie wore pretty low cut dresses at BE, too. Lexie used to wear those under her jacket at the hospital. Actually, I think some of the female docs on ER do, too. Not to mention Mariska Hargitay on Law and Order SVU, and Olivia Benson works around pervs all day! I don't know if that's a new style, or just TV pushing women's sexuality again. Although, i do know a couple of teachers I work with who shouldn't lean over......
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