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Dec 25 2008, 02:41 AM
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As an EJ fan I'm ok with him being alone for awhile. Being with Nicole has weakened the character and Sami is horribly written right now. Ali's acting has been lacking too .... too much on her plate I suspect.
Ali's acting has been lacking, but people were commenting about EJ being weakened before Nicole ever came onto the scene. Nicole has nothing to do with that.
That might be true but I think what's weakening EJ the most is Dena writing him like a moron who can't figure out that Nicole is faking.

(And to anyone wondering, I thought John's character was weakened in 96 as well, but John and EJ are very different in the first place, and also JER and his team took care of many little details that Dena is completely brushing aside.)
Not for me.

JER made Austin and John looks like idiots. At least EJ is questioning things and you can say he is blinded by love and the fact that he wanted what Nicole is offering with Sami. That blinds him. It was hard to buy John loving Kristen or Austin loving Sami and they weren't offering anything they could not have with Marlena or Carrie so there was no excuse.

EJ was dumbed down before Higley. She hasn't helped but she didn't start it and I found John and Austin much dumber under JER then EJ under Higley and co.
Ditto to your ditto, Tim! The whole "dumbing down" of EJ started when the outcry of his atrocities hit coupled with them trying to push EJami. I really think they started pussycatting him in order to make an EJami coupling more palatable to a lot of people. Certainly, EJ putting up with Sami's incessant "Lucas or EJ? EJ or Lucas?" doesn't qualify him as very bright in the woman department. Lots of men (and women!) are that way. They can graduate summa cum laude from Harvard, but that doesn't necessarily mean they use their brains when it comes to love or lust.
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