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Dec 25 2008, 08:14 PM
Dec 25 2008, 05:53 PM
Dec 25 2008, 03:27 PM
Okay. Chex isn't popular? just because there's tons of haters here it means their not popular? hmm... actually, they have many fans.
You know....throwing around the word "hater" towards viewers who don't like what you like and disagree with you really doesn't bode well with show discussions. It's actually a rather combative word. I would rather discuss WHY I don't like them and the reasons WHY you like them instead of getting into one of those stupid "nananbooboo, my side is bigger than your side" arguments. Yes, I brought up the statement that there are quite a few people, BASED ON MY OBSERVATIONS FROM BOARDS, that don't want to see this couple renewed again.

I still cringe at that scene from 2005 with the blow job. I think, once again, it's silly that they put Max with an adoptive niece when it was fairly critically bashed the last time. I think it's silly to put this couple together again, when, for the most part, this couple was pretty well bashed not only on boards, but by soap media professional blogs. Yes, just about every couple on a show has its fans. Even the Lucas and Carrie and Jett and Chelsea couples had their fans. It doesn't necessarily mean it's probably the best for the show.

Chelsea and Max have a pretty good friendship vibe going. WHY not go with that for a while instead of trying to force yet another couple together, which will probably end up breaking up a decent Stephanie/Chelsea friendship? The friendships of Days are one of the nice touches the show had.
To be fair, Max and Chelsea were never written as a love story last time, even though they were together. So in a way, it's a brand new start for them together. Last time they were together, Max was obsessed with her, and Chelsea was a schemer. I'm going to wait and see with Max and Chelsea this time and am looking forward to the potential fireworks between Steph and Chelsea. Melanie should be thrilled.
Another reason to not have them together. I certainly would be surprised if this writing team could sell them any better than Reilly could. Max pretty well gets mocked because of his niece attractions. Do you think this will help, especially in light of the Musical Partners storylines going on elsewhere? This would be more like a rebound thing. If I recall, it wasn't too long ago that Chelsea was still pissed about Daniel, with those feelings suddenly disappearing only because of Kate's cancer.
If the writers can sell me on them as a romantic couple, I will gladly eat my words. Until then, I just see a lot of strikes against them.
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