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Dec 26 2008, 12:35 AM
For Will to live up to his potential, he needs to be a hellraiser. Throw in the fact that he is a Horton/Brady/Roberts, and there is lots of story. DAYS just needs to cast some characters to play opposite him that aren't Bradys or Hortons; bring on Joy Wesley, Chloe's sister, Abe and Lexie's nephew Ben, and then another character not connected to Salem. As for Lucas, I think Datillo has chemistry with women, when he is a allowed to play sweet, charming, funny Lucas. That is how he works the best. I'm finding myself starting to enjoy Lucas and Chloe because of the way he lights up around her. As for Lumi, that ship has sailed. Down the line, who knows? But for now, let them be friends, and have other romances.
Excellent point about Lucas. The scowling Lucas doesn't cut it. Will as a hellraiser would be terrific, although I don't know how viewers would react to even MORE characters coming on canvas, unless the whole point of getting rid of J&M was NOT to save money, but to free up more money so there are more characters at the same price. But, Will as the lone teen would look rather awkward.
But he shouldn't be SORAS'ed. They're already pushing the envelope with it being realistic that Lucas and Sami are his parents, even if she was a teen mother. She wasn't a mother at 13! Unless now, all of a sudden, she's more like 35 instead of 30. I guess that's possible. Besides, Melanie will have her hands full with, er, Philip. (I didn't mean it that way!) Will would sorely lose out in a Melanie/Philip/Will triangle. UNLESS he's grown to be one of those studly teens that older women can't keep their hands off of! (I need to shut up now. We have enough skeevishness with Dr. Perv!)
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