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Dec 26 2008, 02:24 AM
Dec 25 2008, 02:39 AM
^Drew, I would agree with you if not for the fact that it's a very flirty relationship and that as long as they don't have sex anytime in the next two months, it's not rushed IMO. I think it's reflective of modern times. I think there is a disconnect with the audience if you try to make it too old-fashioned. You don't see people Steph and Philip's age waiting around to kiss or to explore each other before becoming a couple. I'm all for slow builds but I recognize the times and culture we live in. People have short attention spans. Hell, people already want the baby story over with and it's only been going since the last week of November.

The days of slow-building romances and stories are gone. I wish they weren't but they just don't seem to be accepted by the masses anymore. There is always fan fiction though LOL.
I don't think that's true at all. I'm part of the demo that the networks want and I loved how Langan and his team had a slow build up to Shelle and Phloe. I don't like "insta-love".
it's not insta-love, they just aren't trying to keep grandmas happy by waiting six months before they lock lips. count me in as someone of the younger generation that has a shorter attention span. by all means, have them wait to have sex and fall in love, but let's not play 'does he like me/should i kiss him' for a year before it happens.
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