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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Stephanie and Philip Smooch
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Dec 26 2008, 12:13 PM
I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I'd just like to like a couple for more than just the lead-in to sex. I like seeing them interact as friends, co-workers, and seeing the attraction develop. I'm sure its harder to write than just leering at each other till they hit the sheets, but when I like a couple, I enjoy their friendship moments, seeing them work together, bits of real life.

I think if the story is interesting as they build to romance, it won't seem like we're waiting forever, and I like it taking long enough for me to be rooting for them to get together.

It seems like with so many couples, they see each other, then build to having sex without feeling like we get to know them. Then it feels like, where do you go from here? Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't love the romance and hot scenes, but I like it when I see the attraction forming and choose to root for it vs. tptb hitting me over the head with a mallet. A big part of a 'hot' scene to me is feeling the emotion vs. just seeing naked body parts.

With Stephanie and Phillip, I like the idea of them working together, with Melanie as an interloper, and Chelsea thrown in as well, and Brady. But I'd like to see Phillip and Stephanie working on projects together, maybe having to stay over for a deadline with Phillip or Stephanie being exhausted, and the other sympathizing, bring food in, etc because they want to help. It would be nice if Stephanie and Phillip were actually dating others in real life, and they could joke about their dates, though I guess Phillips position as bigwig somewhat precludes that kind of co-worker friendliness. It would be nice to see them face some company deadlines and tense moments, friction.

Outside of work, it would be nice to see them interact casually as well, perhaps worrying about dinner, groceries, shopping for a new car, discussion of what books they read, movies, riding bikes, running, at the gym, etc. Aside from life as usual events, as a business leader, there could be opportunities from events Phillip could attend from gala openings (museums, exhibits, parks), local sports events, a city festival or carnival in the Summer. I always remember Mike Horton being in a carnival in the dunking booth. It would be fun hearing Phillip toss one liners at Stephanie as she tries to dunk him or vice versa.

I don't want stories like Kristen anymore, but I do still want to get to know couples before they hit the sack. I think there is a middle ground between insta and drawn out interminably.

Well, there's a record in that they've been together at work for, what, a week, and they didn't do anything in the vault! :D That's kind of sad when a budding couple not getting it on for at least a week is something amazing, isn't it?
I know that there have been other couples folks have complained about for going "too fast", when, in essence, they really haven't. They're using some playful flirty stuff with Philip and Stephanie that beats the nasty exam room scene of Chloe and Daniel.
But those outside playful banter scenes would be nice.
Going back to my Shimi love days, one of the things I really liked about them was the fact that they were friends and playful friends that, to me, worked well when they became lovers because of the light, flirty, fun moments. It probably helped that Jason Cook and Farah Fath were good friends. Maybe this is why, to me, Philip and Stephanie don't feel forced because JKJ and Shelley were already good friends, dating, or something. They've apparently had some type of friend or dating relationship for months.
Right now, a bonus for Philip is that he's got a side story, this upcoming competition with Brady in the business, plus his mom's illness (although that's ending). When a couple interacts with others outside of their own budding stories, that really helps.
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