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Dec 26 2008, 01:42 PM
"Stephanie's ready to be in love again," says Shelley Hennig (Stephanie). Steph wants to experience something with a new guy.
:lol: How long as she and Max been apart?

Guess she wasn't in love to begin with and so much for taking this slow.
Maybe this is why, to me, Philip and Stephanie don't feel forced because JKJ and Shelley were already good friends, dating, or something. They've apparently had some type of friend or dating relationship for months.
I don't care about offscreen, I haven't seen it onscreen. These two have known each other for a couple of weeks, unlike Shawn and Mimi who we saw since high school.

For me, they make as much sense as Lucas and Chloe. Insta-Romance. :shrug:
I dont think they are insta couple. For me insta couple is someone who is suddenly written as in love while weve never seen something develop before.

But Phillip/Steph has been flirting and cyrcling around each other for months and atleast from the famous drunken Steph scene you could clearly see the sparks flying between them. So when he asked her to work for him and they eventually ended in the vault and almost kissed it was natural, not something the writers suddenly made up. The writing was following the chemistry, not otherwise.

For me, the same thing happened with the elevator scene. Id seen EJ/Nicol falling with each other before they made love there, so no surprise it happened, it was just a matter of time. On the other side, Chloe/Lucas were like WTF are they suddenly scre*ing each other? it was totally forced, totally out of the blue, just something the writers needed for the story but not prepared at all.

Luckilly, I think Steph/Phillip are EJ/Nicol, not Lucas/Chloe.
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