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Dec 25 2008, 11:00 AM
Dec 25 2008, 09:45 AM
I see Will returning to be another Sami, scheming to get his parents back together, especially against the evil EJ who tormented his mother. I see this as a positive for Lumi, otherwise, what is the point of having Will, other than adding to the Hortons. With Chloe and Lucas splitting, Lucas will be getting some airtime with Will, no doubt, and I have only one guess as to what he will be doing with him.

It will be great to see Will come back with an attitude.

So thrilled about BD! He has been lookiing all kinds of hot lately, and I hope he gets a really good story, something he deserves after all this time. And I hope he gets a love interest that doesn't cheat on him for once. Wouldn't it be nice to see Lucas in the middle of a love triangle? Talk about a different story for once!

Thanks for the spoils!
That's an interesting concept, Alligato, but I almost hope they DON'T go the Lumi route again. I think (or I interpret from various interviews with Bryan) that Bryan would like Lucas to be a little more independent of being Sami's second fiddle all the time, and I can't blame him there. If they put Lumi together, I don't want any more of the shouting, pouting, accusing, groveling stuff. I like it when BD and AS are allowed to be playful. Maybe they'll end up being more like a Marlena/Roman type of support for Will (as much as I HATE the thought of Sami being Marlena redux). In this case, though, Lucas and Sami uniting FOR their kids instead of fighting about their kids would be a refreshing change. Who knows? Maybe Dr. Taylor will need a love interest soon.............But, yes, Lucas in the middle of a love triangle would be awesome. I'd also love to see Lucas have to deal with his addiction again or something like that, but of course, that would be a socially relevant storyline that the current regime would have a hard time handling...............
I like the way you're thinking.

I'd love to see Lucas surrounded by someone new without history with anyone else on the show.
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