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Dec 27 2008, 06:39 AM
Dr. Chip
Dec 27 2008, 02:55 AM
Deidre is still in shock. She's angry. She feels betrayed, stung, and hurt. I think that comes across although she never verbalizes any of this. Classy to the end, she will never badmouth her idiotic boss, Ken Corday.

I want Y&R to snatch her up so that when Ken realizes his mistake and comes running, she's unavailable.
I hope so too!

I felt the same way. She seems very hurt. Made me said when she said how much she'll miss Marlena. I will miss her too. She said something is in the works. I hope its works out.
ITA, ff course she feels hurt. And classless Corday fires her over the phone (no surprise consdering his track record). And as we all predicted, 30 years of history on the show for Deidre and 20+ for Drake is given one episode to wrap up the characters. I guess it would be too much to give them a little more time when it's so important to see Sami/Rafe. Ejole and Mel/Phi/Step say and do the same things day after day after day. I'll bet that most of what Deidre talked about gets cut as well and we'll be lucky to see 5 minutes of them on the show that day.
Deidre was entertaining as she always is in her chats. I appreciate her openess and attempt to communicate with her fans. She is not going to bad mouth any of her bosses because she is a smart woman!
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