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Again, though, is it Stephanie or the fact that they're pairing her with Philip instead of Chloe?

Well, I suppose if this board has a search function you can go back months and months ago where I've wished for death multiple times for Max and Stephanie because I disliked them both. I hated Stephanie for interfering with Chick (loved them when they first got together!) and for encouraging Chelsea to go after that moron Jett. I thought they wrote Stephanie like a skanky whore when she came back, couldn't stand her with bland Jeremy, and hated the incest storyline with Max. So no, I haven't liked Stephanie since the SH recast (as I think I just stated). Ergo, I'm not particularly thrilled to have her as the romantic love interest for one of my favorite characters.

I'm still of the opinion that the entire younger cast could be let go (Max, Chelsea, Stephanie, Melanie although I still want Nick to stay and I'm bummed that he's the one they chose to get rid of!) and the show would be better off without them. I understand they have fans, but just from my own opinion, I haven't found anything watchable about the younger set since they destroyed Chick.
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