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Dec 27 2008, 10:39 AM

So I sincerely hope they do keep him. You guys might not like the doc and think of him as "creepy"....I personally don't think he is creepy as much as he has issues, like I mentioned above. I would like to think the show would try to have Daniel figure them out and also have him really figure out who he is supposed to be with. Of course I am rooting for Daniel and Chelsea as they are made for each other and Shawn and Rachel are just awesome at playing these characters. Some of you on here may not agree with me while others are totally on board with me but still...this is MY opinion. Days would do well with keeping Shawn on board!

Then the writers need to address those issues. I've said that myself. Daniel would be a lot more intriguing if they would address the obvious issue that he has a psychological problem with sick women. As it is, the current writing makes him come across as a creep. As a Shawn Christiansen fan, wouldn't you want better for this actor?
As for the Daniel and Chelsea part, well, I know this couple has had its fans, but it's been pretty obvious, at least in the Internet, that there have been people totally turned off to this. And PART of the reason was that he pretty well was attracted to her when she was at her weakest. For a lot of people, it had nothing to do with the age factor. And, I'm not quite sure how those two are "made for each other", except the writers can make them for each other however they want to be.
This is a character that was brand new and could be molded. He had the background of being Victor's godson, which gave him a sort of family connection, which helps with new characters. However, the writers gave most of us no reason to want to root for him. First he came on as Super SurferDudeDoc, which was a little too much. Then, the whole Chelsea thing, all the time, while he was flirting with Lexie (weakness there...her issues with her marriage). Then, they threw in the one night stand with Kate. Then, he was with Kate and Chelsea finds out while in her teddy. Then, he's suddenly doing this very skeevish exam of Chloe. Not a very rootable guy, at least, until the writers give us insight of WHY we should root for him.
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