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DOOL never seems to come up with any new ideas.
Sami/Rafe: I would have him get sick and moved to the hospital. Sami gets a new guard and goes off screen until she comes back. Rafe would recover and accept a position as leiason to the salem PD working on catching the killer. He would cathch the killer making the way for Sami to come home after delivering.
Nicole: I would have Stefano find out the truth and blackmail her into doing his bidding so he can control EJ. Stefano would get a baby for Nicole. EJ would be none the wiser (for a while).
EJ: Would become more and more under his father's control. He would return to the bad boy we all love to hate. He would also find out about Nicole's betrayal along with his father's but he choses to stay quiet and find the right time to expose them and gain the upper hand.
Brady: Would fall in love with Nicole and see how deep she is with her lies. She would confide in him that Stefano is blackmailing her putting him in grave danger.
Chloe and Lucas would be written off of the show. They go to live near Will.
Stephanie/Phillip: Phillip and Stephanie slowly fall in love and eventually make a committment to one another; perhaps a wedding. Victor continues to control Titan firmly.
Kate: has to chose between a life with Stefano or Victor after McSlutty Doctor Daniel gets caught with yet another woman. I would have her chose Stefano after a long courtship with lots of romance. This could be an amazing couple. A re-writing of who Stefano has become.
Victor would become more bitter and the Victor of old after losing Kate to Stefano.
Abe/Lexie/Theo could be way way on the back burner
Hope/Bo could spend time with their children. Shawn and Belle would come home with Claire. Bo would help find the killer with Rafe. Hope would be at home being a mother to her children. Some nice romantic scenes for Bo/Hope.
Melanie would die
Max/Chelsea would each find someone to date that they aren't related to. The potential is endless.
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