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Dec 27 2008, 10:39 AM
I really do not know what is going on with Days. They are mixing up all the characters and just...they are wanting to get viewers and so I guess their way of doing that is to p*ss off all of the fan bases? Not like one or two but ALL of them it seems like. I am sure that makes sense in la-la land to the royal TPTB on that show.......but apparently I am just a lowly fan peasant serf that has been watching the show almost 20 years, so what the hell do I really know? :(

I would like to put my two cents in on the Daniel character and Shawn Christian, as I keep hearing him and Daniel being bashed for months now and I am just tired of it. I am not trying to start any kind of war by saying this but I have listened to everyone else's opinions without saying anything and I just feel the need to express mine. I know some of you may not agree but that is ok...at least I feel better saying this.

I personally like Shawn Christian and I like Daniel. I think Shawn has done an awesome job of playing Daniel. Shawn seems to really know his character and you can tell he knows his character in interviews and the way he portrays his character. Also, HOW he has Daniel interact with the rest of the cast, with Chelsea, with Kate, with Chloe, with Lexie, with Bo, with Victor, with Lucas and everyone else whom he acted with. To me, each cast, each character got their own "attention" and he just knew how much or how little to play to that character. I think Shawn did an awesome job with that and I would like to see more of him in the future so I hope he stays. As for Daniel himself, the reason why I like Daniel is because he does have issues. Lord knows I have met many men that have issues like he does, may be not the exact same issues, but issues none-the-less. I have dated guys that have issues with a past wife or fiancee or girlfriend and so why should he be any different? Everyone has a different way of dealing with issues and like he told Marlena, he would rather "surf than deal". Also, dealing with his problems by going from one person to the next. Please, I have known people like that so to me, his story is real and I know it is to many others too. Yes he has other issues besides just with his wife, he may have an issue with illness and with patients, who knows, but I would like to find out more why that is, if that is the case.

To me, keeping Shawn Christian on the show would be an asset because one, he can act. I liked his scenes with Lexie and Victor and other cast and especially with Rachel Melvin. I admit I am a Daniel and Chelsea fan, and I really do think him and Rachel just have a natural chemistry with each other and I am not sure what the show is thinking not having in the same room acting in some fashion, whether it is romantic or not, but that is MY opinion.
And two, he is hot. Please don't tell me you guys did not like the scenes with him in a towel and bedroom scene, or even more recent, in swimming trunks and the scene with him on the bed with shirt open. Forget about who was with him in the bedroom and towel scenes, because that is what most seem to fixate on, who he was with, but just him, by himself, I thought he was HOT. But even if some does not think he is "hot" per say, you can not tell me that he is bad to look at at all.

So I sincerely hope they do keep him. You guys might not like the doc and think of him as "creepy"....I personally don't think he is creepy as much as he has issues, like I mentioned above. I would like to think the show would try to have Daniel figure them out and also have him really figure out who he is supposed to be with. Of course I am rooting for Daniel and Chelsea as they are made for each other and Shawn and Rachel are just awesome at playing these characters. Some of you on here may not agree with me while others are totally on board with me but still...this is MY opinion. Days would do well with keeping Shawn on board!

Angelatil, I couldn't agree more with your post! I love Shawn Christian and what he has brought to the show and YES, the man can act! He's been amazing. He is fresh, fun and well, certainly VERY handsome! I will agree with you also that he has the best chemistry with Rachel Melvin. They both bring their A' games and more when they are together, it is not a forced pairing at all. They are natural together! Personally, they are the reason I'm such a fan of the show! I've been a Days watcher for 20 years and this is the very first time I have ever jumped on to give my 2 cents about anything, but it is because I just adore Daniel and Chelsea and I know what they have could be really wonderful for Days! Yes, why are they keeping them apart, I believe its just to work the drama!!
I hope SC stays on Days, I think the writers need to address some of his problems and play that side of him out. No one character on Days is perfect, they all have flaws and issues and I want Daniel to work thru his issues. Days would do well with Keeping Shawn on board- Amen to that!! ;)
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