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Dec 27 2008, 03:41 AM

Dee looks great and she's not even dolled up that much. She was adorable here and so classy, as usual. This just makes you see how down to earth she is. I liked her doing this out of her house and wish more stars would do this. You get insight into their life and see they are just like you. The house looks so warm and welcoming and she kind of seemed like she just got up. She doesn't have alot of answers it seems LOL and she did seem to think alot when it came to show related questions. She handled them classy and I think she would've liked to say something else. So she filmed last on December 16th. I was waiting to hear the exact date.

I didn't get a final feel from this at all. It sounded like anyone who leaves and is not sure what the future hods. She just said there are no plans now. Drake said the same thing when he left. I was LMAO when she said Drake wrote that one email about her returning without him. I actually believed he did LOL. She didn't address the question about how she would feel if they offered her a return, which tells me she would not return unless she knew what she was getting into, kind of like Drake. Can't blame her there. I don't think that means she's closed the door though. She didn't seem ready to reflect on things just yet either. I can see why. It just happened. She seems to be taking it well so I think the door is very much open. She didn't come off bitter when discussing Corday LOL.

Her comment about being unsure of there being a "daytime" to return to was telling. It sounds like she has some things going on outside of daytime taking that comment and her hinting at things in the planning stages. I think alot of actors have accepted things are just bad and that they have to look into other options.

Loved her comments about the J&M story. She seemed to like the way it played out. I know it just may be her being classy but she seemed to enjoy playing opposite a new character.

I do like that they get flashbacks and Marlena helps remind him of things. That sounds good and she seems excited about the wedding, especially her looking good LOL. I loved her saying that was all that mattered. It sounds rushed but it also sounds like they put something worth a damn out there so it's not perfect but it's something. I like that he needs treatment and that is why they leave. Makes sense and they can interact with Austin and Carrie in Switzerland. Cool. Nice touch. I did like the way she gave out spoilers too. She acted so excited and over the top doing that. It was hilarious.

Dee's laugh is cute. She should do a sitcom. I think she could handle it after her acting as Hattie and during the SSK story.
I think she has a great sense of humour too and is totally classy and down to earth and cute, lol. I picked up on her comment about the uncertainty in Daytime right now...she is being realistic. I also wish they had used her natural sense of fun and wit more. It sometimes came through, when you knew a certain line or look had to be an adlib. I think she let some of that come out on the show on the 24th. I also think she did enjoy working with a 'new' character, you can hear it in both her voice and Drakes in the short audio clips from the Michael Fairman interview. They both sounded excited about it (of course that was back in March/April). They talked about the tent scene and also about when Marlena injected Stefano and what possibilities there were, much like I felt at the time. It's too bad it all didn't get to play out on screen.

I hope we at least get to see what Deidre and Drake filmed for that last day. Sometimes, like the tent scene, it doesn't make it onto the screen. She was so cute though when she talked about what she wore for the wedding. I wish we could feel that when we watch the actual show (that joy). Didn't someone say at one point they probably go off to get further treatment for John? Looks like that will be it. Hope whatever she has in the works....works out for her.
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