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Dr. Chip

Dec 27 2008, 03:41 AM
. . . she seems excited about the wedding, especially her looking good LOL. I loved her saying that was all that mattered. It sounds rushed but it also sounds like they put something worth a damn out there so it's not perfect but it's something. . . .

I did like the way she gave out spoilers too. She acted so excited and over the top doing that. It was hilarious. . . .
She liked her clothes for the wedding, but I heard something different as far as them putting something "worth a damn" out there. She seemed to emphasize that it was rushed and then it was over. She also seemed to not blame the writers because the decision came down and they had to throw something together, and so this is what you get. But I wouldn't say she's excited about the wedding or that it's worth a damn. Just my opinion.

Also, I agree that she was a little "excited" about giving out spoilers. But I think it was more like this: "I'm not supposed to say anything, but John gets his memory back and we get married! Oops! I let one slip! Oh, well. Screw you, DAYS." (Of course, she would NEVER say that. But I think that was her attitude. That's how it felt to me anyway.)
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