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Dec 27 2008, 08:52 PM
I have no intention of watching any part of DAYS without John & Marlena. I have only held out this last year because of the promise for a good J/M love story. I could easily give Corday a VERY long list of actors he could do away with so he could keep John and Marlena on the front burner, along with Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla. How can he not realize that we want the 'family' show we have loved for so long. DAYS always had a history of family and now hardly any of the Horton and Brady families exists and that is who we care for and what we want to see. Watching the Christmas tree hanging episode made me realize just how many people who we cared about that are missing: Jack, Jennifer, Mike, Shawn, Belle, Carrie, Austin. Who really cares about over half the cast that they have now?
I care about a lot of the characters on the show lol To be honest, the only characters I truly don't care about at all or Tony and Roman lol Characters come and go all of the time on soaps. 25 years ago, there wasn't an adult Jennifer, a Jack, a Shawn, a Belle, an adult Carrie, or an Austin. However, there were lots of other popular characters that I'm sure viewers missed when they left. I feel quite attached to Bo and Hope, and Maggie, and EJ and Sami, and Philip and Chloe, and Chelsea, and Caroline.... The list really goes on. It's sad that there aren't more Hortons on the show, something that could be easily rectified. Bring back Jeremy and Sara Horton, put lots more focus on Doug, Julie, and Maggie, and you have a Horton family. There are plenty of Bradys, and the Christmas show was filled with different families celebrating.

If you were only watching for John and Marlena, that's a shame. It would be hard for me to try to stay connected to a show where I only cared about 2 of the 30 characters.
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