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Dec 27 2008, 09:12 PM
Dec 27 2008, 07:29 PM
Dec 27 2008, 04:02 PM
I was disappointed with the clip, she skipped some of the more interesting questions like most challenging scenes, favorite scene, etc.
I wasn't impressed. My mom actually got up and left during the clip because Deidre annoyed her so much.

She should have read the questions before hand so we didn't have to see her skip or not answer many of them or they should have been edited out. At least that way she had some answers prepared. It cracked me up when she read comments/questions to herself and then thanked the person for their comments/questions when we have no clue what they were. lol
I may have my problems with her acting at times, and the way Marlena is written at times. However, part of the charm was that she was so natural and it really felt like you were there with her. She doesn't owe these video chats to anyone. She does it for her fans and i'm sure her fans appreciated it.

I'm sure they do, and I liked the ad lib moments between her and her son and sister. That was fun (I wanted that lamp behind her!). And the contractor should be a dayplayer. :D And no, she doesn't owe those to anyone. But, that doesn't mean the format couldn't have used some improvement, and I'm not necessarily throwing that in her court. I don't know how this whole thing was organized.

I will admit, I got really uncomfortable as she looked over the letters and skipped what some of them said and really paused with some others. Did she not get an opportunity to preview letters and select some to read, so she had time to collect her thoughts ahead of time? The family issues would have still provided spontaneity, and there wouldn't have been that empty time. I'm sure there are some fans who submitted questions who were wondering "Is she reading my letter, and why isn't she answering my questions?" Plus, this would have given her time to really formulate comfortable answers about her firing without being felt on the spot. (Well, I'm assuming she might have felt on the spot. I wouldn't know, but it's just my observation). I would think just about anyone, actor or no, would have reacted the same way if they weren't used to fielding questions on camera on the spot.

It's quite obvious she adores Wayne. I loved listening to her talk about him when that was brought up, as well as the necklace banter between Andrea and her. I liked the little antecdotes she had about her sons, too.
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