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^^ I'm sure some will. I don't think 'half', though. It's not like the show is thriving and Marlena leaves Salem in the middle of that (as was the case in 87). I've seen many posts saying they felt like Deidre or J&M were their only connection to the show as it used to be and that the show isn't worth watching now. (I know there are some S&K fans here who feel the same way about SN/MBE.) The question is, when do these people finally 'cut the cord' and leave Days? While you're right Drew that some people won't be able to do that till the show ends, I think this might be the last straw for many viewers. And if as some are speculating, the show is "vet-less" (besides B&H) in a few months, then I think even more viewers will call it quits.

I know there are some on this board (and in this thread) who are part of the 'watch till the end group' - I totally understand that. But I don't think that precludes our discussing the many others who don't fit in that category.
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