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Dec 27 2008, 10:34 PM
^^ I really don't get what the issue is. Some people have been watching Days since 1965, and they're stopping now because of Deidre. (I have no idea when the people in this thread started watching.) The Days characters feel like family to them. I know one person who watched Days in high school in the 60's, then watched through college, then had a family in the 70's and held babies on her lap while watching the show, then continued as her kids grew, and now she holds her grandson on her lap as she watches. If she stopped watching now, would that be a major event in her life? You bet! I've seen posts and talked to people who are stopping after having watched for YEARS, and all because Deidre is fired. So I'm really not sure why that's not worthy of discussion, especially on a soap board!
I'm one of those "since 1965" viewers you mentioned, Ellie. Thank you, you summed up my feelings beautifully. Yes, it's just a TV show. But, many of the characters over the years have seemed like family or, at least, well known friends. I didn't start out watching for just one or two favorites. I watched for the whole show for decades. But, and I'm speaking only for myself, the show has deteriorated to the point that I only tuned in for a few characters because the ones being focused on didn't interest me. The writing and story telling wasn't pulling me in. I wanted to watch for the whole show like I used to. But it wasn't there. With Deidre leaving I just don't have enough interest anymore to continue to even TiVo it. And I'm sad about that, and I will miss something that has been part of my life for over 40 years. So, thanks for understanding how many of us feel.

Do I expect my departure to make any impact on anyone but me?? Absolutely not. Do I hope that fans who still enjoy the show will be able to enjoy it for many years to come?? Yes. Will life go on?? Yes.
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