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Dec 28 2008, 01:28 AM
Oh yes, Days is such a crap show. Really? seriously? Days CREATED these characters you all claim to love. Days is the reason these characters excist. but still...days is crap!
um, what exactly is your point? If it's that people should be blindly devoted to Days no matter what just because it is still on the air, that may work for you but not those of us who dont have 5 hours a week in our busy lives to waste on something that is not entertaining us. I've given this show 10 years of my life, most of that time its been a source of frustration over shifting bad directions, but I've never felt it to be unsalvagable untill this year. I havent watched since March, and I havent missed it one bit.

The source of my disagreement here is that I dont think Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are the end all and be all of this show, if they had a strong writing team in place telling strong and compelling stories Days wouldnt be having the problems they are with viewers dropping them like a bad habbit. If the rest of the show was strong, we wouldnt have people leaving just because a set of characters that have been poorly written for a decade have been dropped from their contracts.
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