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Dec 28 2008, 12:14 AM
Dec 28 2008, 12:10 AM
^^ Well I didn't see it exactly that way, but about the power of soaps - that's it! I agree. I wish 'TPTB' would understand that as well as we all do here. The characters really are like family to us, and it is traumatic in a way when a favorite character leaves. If Ken Corday had half of the passion for Days that many of the fans do, the show would be in much better shape than it's in now.
Isn't that the truth. DAYS especially still has so many passionate fans, unfortunately not many in charge are able to care as much as we do.
That is certainly the truth and why fans feel the need to be "dramatic" or announce to others on boards who may indeed feel the same way they do. For validation. For solidarity. For sympathy. And yes, for the passion.

Soaps are different from sitcoms, drama's and other TV specials. Where else do you get to see children grow to adults (Sami, Belle, Carrie). Where else do you see young love grow to supercouple love 20 years later (Bo & Hope). Where else do you see couples fight enemies, devils, and ex's just to be together (J&M and S&K). Where else do you see people grow old and eventually go away (Tom and Alice Horton, Shawn Brady). If you don't get caught up in those things in the soap you watch, you should stop watching because that is what soaps used to do...

That is why it is so easy for some of us to simply stop watching now, because some of the above is missing.
Who do you want to see grow from children to adulthood? The invisible Ciara? Theo?
Who do you want to see grow from young love to super love? Max and one of his cousins?
Who can stand down odds like enemies, the devil, and brainwashing? EJ and Nicole? Lucas and Chloe?

Soaps are not the same, neither are fans, but fans should not be put down for being passionate about a show that provided an alternate reality for some for 20+ years.
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