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Dec 27 2008, 10:00 PM
Dec 26 2008, 07:20 PM
I like Stephanie fine. I couldn't stand Shayna Rose but I've liked Stephanie (or the potential of Stephanie, at least) since the recast. My problem is the buildup, even as delineated in this thread, is virtually non-existent. I still don't see why Philip likes Stephanie or vice versa other than that they're both hot. Now, if the actors had smoking hot chemistry together in my eyes, I could forgive that, but IMO, they simply don't. At best they're sort of cute together.

Plus, it just doesn't matter. This story is apparently all about Melanie, not Philip and Stephanie. Everything has been about Melanie for months now and I see no hope of that changing. I don't think the writers are bothering to give Stephanie a personality of her own because Carrie 2.0 is good enough for them. Everything that's happened between Philip and Stephanie from the vault on has apparently been staged solely for Melanie's benefit. I hate Melanie and she is very close to being the worst possible love interest I can imagine for Philip (I'll keep the others to myself so as not to give Dena ideas), so as long as she continues to be anywhere near Philip I'm barely watching Philip. I'm not boycotting Philip/Stephanie, I'm boycotting Philip/Melanie--I don't even see that there is really IS a Philip/Stephanie. They don't exist for any reason independent of Melanie and there isn't enough chemistry there for me to care.
I dunno, I think they're going with Phil and Steph (Carrie) with Melanie (Sami) as the bad girl we're supposed to hate, and the bad girl never gets the guy or at least not for long.

I agree, except Sami was obsessed with Austin. Sheīd hopelessly fell in love with him months before she discovered he is already in love with Carrie and she wanted him badly. So far I didnīt see any signs Melanie is in love with Phillip or is dreaming about happily ever after with him.

Her main motivation seems to be her hate for Stephanie. Stephanie is popular, respected and loved, thatīs everything what Mel would like to be too, but the ways she chooses are completely wrong. She envies Steph and she wants to teach her a lesson and there is no better way than to separate and try to seduce her boyfriend, but IMO she is not interested in Phillip beyond the way she is interest in any good looking man with money.
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