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Dec 28 2008, 04:51 AM
I'm confused as to how JKJ is important to the future of the show when they're all spokes on the wheel that is Days. But whatever.

These don't even sound like stories, and I kind of think they have no real idea what they plan to do. It's incredibly stupid to take a character/actress that desperately needs to be rested and pre-tape scenes to push a story along when a break would be easy to pull off. Unless she's going away later when they maybe do this Brady/Nicole/EJ thing and this is her last, boring major story.

I wonder if Max and Chelsea are in their happy bubble in case the actors bolt soon- makes it easy to write them off if they aren't involved with anything but each other.

Other than that: meh.
He's important for the plans they have coming up now. As we know, plans can always change.
It's very possible that at least Darin will bolt should this pilot be picked up. I think they're doing that with other actors, too. Now that JKJ has re-signed, TPTB probably feel more comfortable with getting him involved in more storylines. The Titan storyline and "Babypalooza" seem to have the most direction right now, which isn't saying much, but there's some plan in the works. Now, the only misdirection is probably who is going to end up with whom.
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