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Dec 28 2008, 03:16 AM
What is the big deal about someone announcing something on a message board. A message board is a place to post messages and as long as it is pertinent to the subject of the board or forum just let it be.

It is a proven fact that people connected to the soaps read the boards so stuff like that needs to be there so they can see.

And for that matter the best part of a message board is that EVERYONE can express an opinion. If you don't like it you don't have to take the time to read it and why in the hell waste precious time responding to something when you could have just let it go instead of starting a big discussion about what a person posts and doesn't post.

They do have just as much right to post their message as you do yours.


End Rant
Ad naseum, though? I've seen people get bashed on this board for being POSITIVE about the show. (teasing them about being positive is one thing...bashing them is another) Tit for tat. And, discussion takes place when people have experienced something. Some people come on discussing (read: bashing and criticizing) the show purely from the spoilers and other people's discussions. And over and over and over......and DRAMATICALLY, like the whole state of the union will collapse if they quit watching.
And it's not as if the whole "tune out" idea hasn't been brought up before. I've seen SO many posts in the past with folks threatening to boycott the show if so-and-so isn't together or if they do this or if they don't write the show this way.This isn't exactly revolutionary.
As for watching for years and feeling the characters are like family: I agree. But, when you get new members of the family come in, do you shun them and write them off, or try to include them and give them a chance? When old workers at your workplace leave and others come in, do you try to work with them or shun them because they're new?
Characters come and go on TV shows all the time. I grew attached to Eugene and Don and Marie and Laura and old Mickey and yes, Alice. I thought Mike Horton was awesome. I grew to love Mimi.They're gone. I find new characters to take their places. And right now, Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla are on, infrequently as it seems. Victor is still around. There are Tony sightings. I watch for Ari's acting. EJ is a familiar character now. I think Theo is cute. I still like Philip. There's enough to make me happy.
And, yes, I know you can't be forced to like someone. That's fine. It's the over-the-topness that gets a little nuts. But, then again, we watch soaps, so I suppose we're used to over-the-topness and drama. :D
And, when it comes to the point if and when I want to quit the show, I'll probably say "I've been losing interest. " Period. I'm not going to wail and gnash my teeth and threaten to call the President to bring in the National Guard.
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