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I'm just like snow... I get laid

But that's you. And that is fine. That is the way you feel and there is not problem with that. But there is also no problem with the way others feel and the way they post.

I always find it funny that most people feel like they should be able to post whatever way they want when it comes to what they want to discuss but think they have the right to tell others how to post.

So what if someone posts ad nauseum about how bad a show is. If it bothers you then ignore it. That is what the ignore feature is for. Don't try to tell them how to post and what to post.

Everyone has a right to post their opinion and their feelings whatever they may be on a messageboard. I have a big problem with people that go negative all the time too but I also have a bigger problem with people who are positive about shows all the time. It gets so old to hear let's be positive since we might now have the show around much longer. Or lets not be too critical and just be happy with what we have while it is still here - as if you are supposed to put up with crap just for the sake of having a show still on.

But they have the right to post that and I have the right to ignore it.

I don't watch Days - never have. My Mom did and my boyfriend did and does at times still. I can't stand the show. I have tried to watch it a few times but I don't find anything in it even to be remotely entertaining. But I do with General Hospital but many on the Internet don't. I happen to like the mob stuff but it is rare to find anyone who does. But taht is fine - let them post about whatever they want. It doesn't interfere with my watching and enjoying it.

It just gets old to go to messageboards where discussion is supposed to be free and open and see people trying to tell people what they can or should post.
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