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Ladyofthelake, I guess you and I have a fundamental disagreement on this. To me, on a soap board, anything soap-related can be a major event! That's what we're here for! We come here to discuss soaps, so if we feel strongly about something, this is the place for it. It's not like we're steering our discussions in 'real life' to topics like Dena Higley.

And also, about your analogy "When old workers at your workplace leave and others come in, do you try to work with them or shun them because they're new?" - my answer to that would be, some employees have such an attachment to the people who leave that they leave with them, and they follow them to a new workplace. I've seen that happen at many workplaces when a higher-up leaves - and I think, to continue your analogy, that's what many of Deidre's fans plan to do, no matter where her new workplace is.
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