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Dec 28 2008, 11:35 AM
I also think she wanted to get Phil's attention. Do I think she's in love with Phil? No. But I do think she's interested, not obsessed. But definitly crushing.

I agree with this. I don't see her interest in Philip as being entirely or even primarily motivated by hatred for Stephanie, though that's probably part of it. Philip and Stephanie weren't yet a twinkle in the writers' eyes when Melanie first met him and was raving to Max about how hot Philip was. I think Melanie's a pathetic third-rate excuse for an actual maneater, but she does apparently fancy herself capable of landing a rich, powerful man even though we have no evidence she actually was able to manipulate/attract grown men--only boys. Particularly not corporate tycoon disabled Marine men, who theoretically ought to be able to fend off advances from teenage wannabe vixens (or is she an abuse victim today? Which version are the writers going with? I guess they don't need her to be an abuse victim now that Trent's dead and Philip gave her the job at Titan).

I've been complaining that this is Sami/Austin/Carrie version 2.0 for quite some time now, and that's exactly why I hate it. Well, one of the reasons. But though Sami was the bad-seed interloper to Carrie/Austin, she did get Austin from time to time. The fact that she didn't get him for long or permanently is irrelevant to me, because Philip is (was) my favorite character and Melanie is my most hated. I could learn to tolerate her if they kept her away from Philip and reduced her airtime, but as that seems unlikely, I'm sure I'll eventually end up FF'ing Philip, because I won't watch Phelony, period. I already wish JKJ hadn't re-signed precisely because of this storylline.

I did like Melanie with Nick. Those two actors had chemistry together. So why that pairing got destroyed for a totally unnecessary and unwanted S/A/C is completely mysterious to me.
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