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Dec 28 2008, 09:47 AM
Dec 28 2008, 09:25 AM

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And, too, she and Stephanie were at odds when Stephanie had her number back in Paris. All Max could see was he found his sister, and Stephanie had her figured out right away. Melanie knew it, too. So, I just think it's more of a "Melanie is trying to get everything Stephanie has and ruin her life" type of thing.
And, it seems now she's going to be making a play for Brady. That's how Melanie survived in Paris, after all. She'd get guys to fall in love with her and buy things for her. (Remember George)?
More and more, I think I might start to enjoy this storyline. I might even enjoy Stephanie and Philip! They have the Shelley/JKJ friendship going for them, and it seems these two actors are very comfortable with each other. And again, this wasn't a big surprise. This is something that has been hinted at for a while, and, at least at Emmy time, something the actors apparently wanted. Now, yes, I know that isn't always a good thing (Allison Sweeney, anyone?) but for me right now, it's working, and for some others. Are they going to be a raging success? Probably not. They're going to be one of those middlin' couples....probably split down the middle in terms of popularity, but not causing any massive mob scenes.
Now, this is not just because I like them together, but I have a feeling that the Philip and Stephanie relationship is going to continue to gain popularity. It is already happening around the net. IF written well, the story can also include Victor, Steve, and Kayla, and if MBE and SN are willing to work for newbie salaries, maybe they will get to stay with the show :D
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