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Dec 28 2008, 09:22 PM
While I don't think we're supposed to see Melanie's interest as driven by her hatred/jealousy of Stephanie, that's exactly how it comes across to me. I know that there was the whole attempted seduction scene before Stephanie and Max ever broke up, but it seems like since that time almost everything has been driven by Melanie's desire to mess with Stephanie's life. It seems like if she were more interested in Philip than messing with Stephanie, she'd be trying to get Max and Stephanie back together, not pushing Chelsea and Max together.

While I hated the Sami/Austin/Carrie storyline, the one thing that made Sami somewhat sympathetic was that I could see why she wanted Austin so badly -- there was a lonely, insecure little girl inside that just wanted somebody to love her best. In this current version, I can't find anything sympathetic about Melanie because she comes across as simply a teenage golddigger looking for a guy with money. I know we're supposed to feel sorry for her because of Trent, but that storyline was so out of nowhere and completely consistent with everything about the character that I can't really buy it.

Who knew they could actually make the S/A/C triangle even worse than it was the first time around?

That's the ticket! Also, they portrayed Sami as being insecure as far as her position and "favored status" went in the family. There was that sibling rivalry factor with she and Carrie that also factored into their rivalry and made it much more interesting. Although, I am seeing facets of Melanie's deep insecurities, especially around Christmas when it seemed everyone was happy with their families and she had no one but Max, who seemed to begrudgingly willing to let her join in the festivities, worried about having to clamp her mouth shut if necessary. I think Molly is learning the nuances of showing inner vulnerability. She doesn't have it down pat yet. Rather, she keeps the sarcasm full to the forefront. She needs to master the wistful glance look. If they could develop that in her a little more, they might be able to pull this off after all.

Edited to say: esp, I should have quoted your other post! IT's more in line of what I was thinking at the end of mine. :D
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