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Dec 28 2008, 12:24 PM
^^ Well I didn't see it exactly that way, but about the power of soaps - that's it! I agree. I wish 'TPTB' would understand that as well as we all do here. The characters really are like family to us, and it is traumatic in a way when a favorite character leaves. If Ken Corday had half of the passion for Days that many of the fans do, the show would be in much better shape than it's in now.
Isn't that the truth. DAYS especially still has so many passionate fans, unfortunately not many in charge are able to care as much as we do.
That is certainly the truth and why fans feel the need to be "dramatic" or announce to others on boards who may indeed feel the same way they do. For validation. For solidarity. For sympathy. And yes, for the passion.

Soaps are different from sitcoms, drama's and other TV specials. Where else do you get to see children grow to adults (Sami, Belle, Carrie). Where else do you see young love grow to supercouple love 20 years later (Bo & Hope). Where else do you see couples fight enemies, devils, and ex's just to be together (J&M and S&K). Where else do you see people grow old and eventually go away (Tom and Alice Horton, Shawn Brady). If you don't get caught up in those things in the soap you watch, you should stop watching because that is what soaps used to do...

That is why it is so easy for some of us to simply stop watching now, because some of the above is missing.
Who do you want to see grow from children to adulthood? The invisible Ciara? Theo?
Who do you want to see grow from young love to super love? Max and one of his cousins?
Who can stand down odds like enemies, the devil, and brainwashing? EJ and Nicole? Lucas and Chloe?

Soaps are not the same, neither are fans, but fans should not be put down for being passionate about a show that provided an alternate reality for some for 20+ years. [/quote]Such good posts.

I love both DHs. I know I won't be watching after the 23rd, but it's not just because two characters are leaving. Yes, I adore them, and they are the only reason I watch now, but it's not because I don't want to be entertained by Days. The writing has just changed over the years, and the new type of storytelling focused on couples vs. relationship and family just doesn't appeal to me. I'm fine if it appeals to others, but I miss what I used to love.

When Deidre left in 1987, I was heartbroken. I couldn't imagine watching without her. But I had grown to love Roman. I loved his family, Shawn, Kim, Kayla, and I loved their interaction. I stayed because that family mattered to me. I loved watching Roman as a single father to Carrie. I loved Kim/Shane and enjoyed Steve and Kayla, plus other characters like Mike, Jennifer, Tom, Alice, Calliope. Victor was a great bad guy who was fun to watch. Because I grew to love Carrie, I was particularly into the Sami/Carrie fight over Austin years later, although I changed sides and wanted Carrie with Mike after all that.

Drake's Roman becoming John again practically killed me, but I came to love it more that the Brady's 'adopted' him. It was even more special to me for that reason. Shawn and Caroline seemed to have unlimited love to go around. I loved Marlena being torn by the love for John that was never really addressed and her feelings of morality and loyalty to family and Roman. Believe it or not, I actually liked WN's Roman as John's friend and as a good solid husband with integrity to Marlena. I never wanted him just killed off to make it easy for John and Marlena to get together. I loved all these complex relationships. I never thought of not watching unless John and Marlena got together. I just rooted for them for all I was worth. Every little scene with Johna And Marlena got to me. I agonized with Marlena every step of the way as she struggled between John and Roman because I struggled too. I loved Roman and the Brady's. Marlena and John loved them. I was rooting the wrong way, but I couldn't help myself. There were so many people involved throughtout, Abe caught in the middle, steadfastly loyal to all of his friends, and hurting for them, Sami annoyingly devoted to Roman, Carrie being more sensitive to all sides, the Brady family dealing with betrayal of people who they'd adopted into family.

Without the family issues, the John and Marlena story wouldn't have been the same to me. I don't know if I'd have been as attached if Marlena had just done what I wanted and divorced Roman and hooked up with John as they seem to do with younger couples nowadays. Sure it was painful, but the journey itself was fun. I enjoyed the moments getting there. It seems no one enjoys the moments getting there anymore. Everyone just wants a couple to be there. Then we have to switch couples because once a couple is together, they're boring.

Days is just not the same anymore. I don't have a problem with the actors, but I miss the family and relationships that I used to watch for. I enjoyed John this year perhaps more than I have in recent years, but I hated that Caroline turned on him and we didn't even get a scene. I hated the way Marlena was written, and I hated how everyone seemed so isolated. I loved Bo talking John into not killing himself in Ireland. One of my favorite scenes of the year. I've always loved Bo's friendship with John. But then, it just turned to disdain and we really didn't see much Bo, Hope, Caroline, Abe, Kayla interaction with John or Marlena. Where was Caroline for her? She was always the voice of love and reason. I miss Shawn terribly. Nothing has filled that void. Nothing to do with the actors or potential. The stories just don't reach me the way they used to. The potential is there, the actors still have that amazing chemistry, we get some really great 'scenes', but the heart of the story just isn't there for me. The most frustrating thing to deal with has been my feelings that it COULD be so good.

But when I say it could be so good, good is my definition. It seems many/most prefer the newer focus, so John and Marlena being let go just signals that it's time for me to give up because I'm in the minority. I won't really miss Days as it is now. Logically, I know I'm actually better off. But when I see fun scenes like life with John, Marlena, Ej, Sami, and Rolf at the Dimera mansion and Anna worried about helmet hair while saving Marlena, and when I see dramatic scenes like Kayla telling John off at the hospital, Stefano confronting a helpless Marlena in the hospital, and John empowering Marlena when Stefano calls her out at the Dimera mansion, my heart just contracts at the relationships that I'm losing. [/quote]

:hail: Kyrai, I agree with everything that you've said!! I've been watching Days since about 1973 and I'm leaving on the 23rd for the same reasons that you stated, it's just not the story telling that I've been used to. While I'm glad to see B&H, S&K, D&J , Victor, Caroline and Maggie are still on the show, their storylines just are not enough to keep me watching. I'm not into incest and I'm not into some doctor getting it on with his patients! And, in my opnion, the characters that I care most about who are staying (see aforementioned names) are being used as background material, not foreground material and I'm just not interested! If the writers had been able to write for these characters and given them strong plot lines, I might have continued staying on as a viewer, as is, I'm not interested and DnD leaving are just the excuse I need to bow out of this show also. I will keep up with the scoops, just to see if anything good is happening to any of the above people, but, I don't think I'll be watching just to see Doug and Julie come to town looking like Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross, what a waste of talent!!
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