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I'm not one to judge because I've been overdramatic about things too LOL.

I see the point of the thread (although I doubt ratings will tumble or help the situation for Days if they should go down, if anything you get more cuts) but I guess what I think people take issue with, and I do myself to an extent, is the starting a thread and feeling the need to broadcast it when someone can just go into the 2009 preview thread or any Days thread and just say I'm done watching and voice their reasons why. The tone comes off a little pouty, like a child in a candy or toy store not getting their way and throwing a fit to make their displeasure known. Not saying this is what the original poster or others intended but it comes off that way to some.

I totally get the sentiment of Days characters feeling like family. That is how I feel and why I enjoyed the Christmas episodes so much. It's like celebrating with family. However, times change and characters have been coming in and out for years. I ask again, how do you think people felt in the 80's and 90's when their faves were shoved aside for others who became the very faves people are upset about losing now? I ask this because some have already been in this boat and, in the future, others will be too. I recognize for some, their faves are why they watch. I don't understand watching a show for one or two people (I mean, just watch clips on youtube or something LOL) but that's a personal preference. I also recognize once their faves leave, fans may tune out. Again, that is fine and a personal preference. However, for some, we've accepted that that this kind of things happen. Some, including me, feels it has to happen and that it's long past due. I think Days made it even harder because they waited so long, We all got so used to the status quo that the adjustment will be much more difficult for those who continue watching then it was in the 80's and 90's.

It sucks but things change. Circumstances change. I feel horrible for the fans who are sad and losing so much enjoyment. I hope things get better for them somehow but I also hope things work out for the show as well.
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