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Yes, things change. I guess for me, as a general rule, I don't tend to get all that upset about anyone leaving in part because I'm used to turnover in my favorite teams. David Robinson is and always will be my favorite Spur, but he retired in 2003 and he's never coming back, period, end of story. I didn't stop watching the team then and I won't stop watching when Tim, Tony and Manu retire, even though all the guys I originally fell (platonically) in love with are gone. I watch LSU football even though obviously, college teams have frequent turnover. My devotion, if you want to call it that, is to the teams as a whole.

That being said, this situation is a little different. I don't blame anyone a bit for not watching if their favorites are gone. If Philip, EJ and Nicole all left tomorrow I'd quit watching because the show has deteriorated to the point where I do not enjoy watching it as a whole and those are pretty much the only three characters I have any interest in. I watch EJ and Nicole, and Philip when he's not anywhere near Melanie, which almost never happens these days. The rest . . . meh. I don't care about it. If John and Marlena fans don't see anything worth watching if they're not on, I can totally understand that point of view. I don't see why anyone should feel loyalty to the show as a whole if the show as a whole sucks (or, even if it doesn't). It's just TV and when it becomes more irritating to watch it than not watch it, then I totally understand not watching it. And I totally understand it complaining about it on the boards. Maybe not ad infinitum, but for some period of time that seems perfectly natural to me.
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