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Her head went down? and commercial? hmm, i have that episode.. i can't remember seeing that. Oh well, must have missed it. ;)

anyways, that was BEFORE she knew she was Bo's daughter. Max and chelsea barly knew each other at that point. Max later apologized.
Yes the first time they got together Chelsea didn't know that she was Bo's daughter, but now she knows. It is not ok because he is still her uncle and please don't say they are not blood related because it doesn't matter the day Shawn and Carolyn brady adopted him that made him a Brady.
And, the thing is, as with Stephanie, it was never really addressed. I mean, I find it hard to believe a family like the Bradys, who have had ISA agents and police officers and medical professionals as part of their family don't even address the legalities or issues with this.
"OK, Max, this is weird. I mean, I know we're not blood related, but I consider you a brother and to have you go after my daughter is just odd. Maybe we should discuss this". It's Ok to go this route, but it needs to be addressed. This is where Days falls short. There are lots of taboo subjects they take on, but it's not addressed (Daniel's behavior with female patients, Philip's whole BSC attitude during Shelligan's Island, Lexie's affairs while Abe worked his butt off.......the nuances again).
I think, originally, the whole Trent thing might have been to take Max away from his Brady-ness, but then, as we know, Trent became all about Melanie, and that flew out the window.
I didn't have much problem with Max dating Stephanie or Chelsea, they were never raised together and aren't blood related and if I remember correctly, Max and Stephanie didn't even know who the other was when they "met." But there is a lot of story if they actually made references to the connections and a lot of laughs too. I remember Jeremy made one comment two summers ago about how much Max liked to "play uncle." It had something to do with him hanging around Stephanie. Anyway, there is a lot of material to use, if they would just you know, use it lol
BINGO! If they would just use it. They have just good material and really, some good ideas. They're often just not executed to the fullest extent.
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