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Dec 29 2008, 06:31 PM
I know it is a shitty story, but I am kind of hoping that Sami gives the baby to the orphanage and Nicole gets it
...because that would cause all kinds of trouble/drama for Sami/Nicole...and EJ is smack in the middle...totally pissed at Sami for giving up his baby to hide from him (even if she says it was for a little while) and pissed at Nicole for trying to trick him into believing their baby lived.

I do get sick thinking about the Sami drama of having such a "slut like Nicole" raising her kid, and the ensuing custody trial that will follow, but for a pretty interesting story, I would like to see the UNKNOWING baby switch.

Thanks for the good, OBK! I am so glad this fake pregnancy thing is wrapping up!!!
Me, too. I just hope I'm happy with the resolution. I don't expect Nicole to "win" in the end, but if EJ comes crawling back to Sami because of a baby, that will really de-ball him. And, if they call having the sweevil EJ back just because he throws Nicole out, but he still crawls back to Sami, well................

I think I'm starting to like the thought of Nicole and Eric together more and more. :D I think EJ needs to be alone for a while and really be a DiMera, sort of like Stefano when Marlena spurned his advances.
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